Wee Travel Baby Equipment Rentals serving Toronto and Vancouver.

Crib & Pack n Play Rentals: Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria

Wee Travel recommends renting our folding cribs with a four inch spring mattress to ensure you and your baby get a good night's sleep. No assembly is required. Just unfold. Pack n play rentals are very popular for young babies. A fitted sheet is included in all crib and pack n play rentals from Wee Travel. Prices do not include taxes.

Steel Folding Crib Wood Folding Crib
Folding Crib to rent when traveling with baby to Toronto, Vancouver Dutailier Glider
Daily $10 Daily $10
Weekly $60 Weekly $60
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Pack n' Play Sound Machine  
Graco Colby Pack 'n Play for rent Obusform Sound Therapy System  
Daily $7 Daily $4  
Weekly $35 Weekly $24  
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Wee Travel knows the importance of a good nights sleep for your baby (and you!). If your little one isn't sleeping soundly then you aren't either. We know that there's nothing that can put a damper on a vacation than a cranky baby so we offer a variety of sleep options and sleep aids to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you want the steel crib because your little one chews everything in sight, the wooden crib because it's what you have at home, or the convenince of a pack and play because you're traveling around or because you want the change table attachment, we have equipment that is right for you. At Wee Travel we provide the sheet with the cribs and the sheet and mattress cover with the pack and plays. The cribs have 4 inch mattresses and the pack and plays have the standard 1.5 inch mattresses. Are you planning to be in a noisy place and your little one likes the sounds of silence? Wee Travel can provide you with a sound machine. If the rolling waves, pounding surf, or the sweet sounds of chirping birds in the jungle don't aren't quite enough to bring on the ZZZZZZZs, then there is always the white noise button. It's guaranteed to bore your child to sleep!!