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Child Safety Rental Items

When you're traveling with children, safety and comfort is always on your mind. Wee Travel rents a variety of child safety items for parents traveling with babies and toddlers. We are always updating our inventory and carry a selection of brands and styles, not all which are shown here. Prices do not include taxes.

Monitor Baby Gate Infant Tub
The First Years Crisp & Clear Plus for travel with babies Safety 1st Baby Gate Safety 1st Tub
Daily $5 Daily $4 Daily $5
Weekly $20 Weekly $24 Weekly $30
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Bedrail CARES Airplane Seatbelt
Safety 1st Bedrail cares airplane seatbelt restraint
Daily $3 Daily $5
Weekly $15 Weekly $25 Buy:$85
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Parents need easy solutions to safety in their home. This list is designed to give you a glimpse of some of the baby safety products that you may need.
  • Drapery and blind Cords should be equipped with cord wranglers that keep the cords out of reach from children
  • The toy box should be equipped with a bracket that prevents accidental closing
  • Smoke detector should be installed near the door
  • Make sure the slats on the crib are no more than 2 3/8th inches apart
  • Drawer and cabinet locks on all the drawers and cabinets that house sharp items, breakables or chemicals
  • If you have mini-blinds make sure the cords are equipped with tie-backs
  • Scald Protector Installed on Faucets
  • Non-Slip adhesives in the tub
  • Sliding electrical outlet protectors to ensure a child can never plug something in especially in the bathroom
  • In addition to these very basic safety products for babies, never forget that every home should have smoke detectors, Co2 detectors and a fire extinguisher. Make sure that all doors that lead to the outdoors are securely locked. Installing high ball and chain locks is a great way to make sure a curious toddler never goes outdoors alone.