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Baby Toy Rental Items

Wee Travel has selected some of the most popular interactive toys to help soothe and entertain your baby, and keep your hands free. We know you can't pack these items, and we don't want you to do without. We are always updating our inventory and carry a selection of brands and styles, not all which are shown here. Prices do not include taxes.

Bouncy Chair Activity Gym Exersaucer
Fisher Price Bouncy Chair rent travel with children Toronto, Vancouver baby equipment rentals Lamaze Activity Gym rent for babies Evenflo Ultrasaucer ExerSaucer baby supplies,travel with babies toronto vancouver
Daily $4 Daily $4 Daily $6
Weekly $24 Weekly $24 Weekly $36
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Swing Beach Cabana Bag of Toys
Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Swing Prince Lionheart Beach Cabana bag of toys
Daily $7 Daily $4 Daily $n/a
Weekly $42 Weekly $24 Weekly $30
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For such tiny people, babies sure need a lot of equipment. The question is, what do you need, and what can you do without? Babies love to be entertained, and we all know a happy baby makes the trip. But we know you can’t always be entertaining the baby to keep him happy. That’s why we’ve selected some of the top toys to keep your wee ones busy, and your hands free. Whether it’s a bouncy chair, activity gym, exersaucer or swing, these toys mean bliss for baby and you. There is a huge and ever changing selection of entertainers out there for babies, and we’ve done our research to carefully select those that are both highly rated and are sure to meet a variety of needs. Our bouncy chairs have removable toy bars, and sound and vibrating functions that can be turned on or off, depending on the needs of your baby. The activity gyms we’ve chosen are great for both tummy time and back time. The mats are interesting, colourful and have a variety of toys for your baby to play with. Some mats have squeak, crinkle and musical features, and all provide visual stimulation through high contrasting colours. We’ve selected exersaucers that rock, spin and bounce with a variety of toys, including electronic ones. A baby swing is a great way to soothe a fussy baby, and even put them to sleep. Our swings are electronic – no winding necessary - and feature a variety of speeds, music settings and rocking patterns. If you’re heading to the beach or just a warm, sunny climate, check out our beach cabana. It’s a great place for your kids to nap, and it provides insect and sun protection with SPF 50 fabric. Interested in a bag of toys to keep your little ones entertained? Ours contain a variety of age appropriate items, such as DVDs, books and puzzles.