Wee Travel Baby Equipment Rentals serving Toronto and Vancouver.


Wee Travel launched in Vancouver in 2005 as Canada's first baby equipment rental company. The company has now expanded to Toronto and Victoria. Started by two sisters, Lesley and Shana Cherry, the purpose is make it easy for parents to travel lighter by providing the full range of hard-to-pack baby necessities. For more information on Wee Travel, please view our media kit.

Worried that renting baby equipment will get you old, dirty and cheap gear? Have no fear.

  • Baby equipment is safety inspected after each use. We are alerted by Health Canada if any of our products are recalled, in which case they are removed from our inventory.
  • All equipment is sanitized prior to delivery using environmentally friendly products
  • We are absolutely meticulous about our cleaning
  • Baby equipment is replaced on a regular basis to bring you get the latest gear in new condition
  • Baby furniture and equipment is top-of-the-line and is likely the same, if not better quality than what you have at home

Thinking about borrowing baby gear from friends? Consider this:

  • When you borrow from friends, you can never be sure about the condition, if the equipment has been recalled, or if it meets today's safety standards

Thinking about making do without? Consider this:

  • Highchairs keep YOU clean. If you plan on feeding your baby on your lap, note that pablum holds better than hairspray.
  • We understand your reasons for buying an $11.99 disposal stroller for your trip, but your baby won't be as understanding.
  • Car seats are a lifesaver. They prevent you from having to take a bus from the airport because some cabbies won't put your baby at risk.
  • Before you forgo the pack 'n play , you might want to ask baby his opinion on sleeping in your bed for a few nights.
  • Baby can do without his exersaucer, swing and bouncy chair for a few days. Afterall, nothing beats your undivided attention 24x7.